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Live More, Weigh Less

Hosted by Dani Spies, Founder of Clean & Delicious and Sarah Jenks, the Founder of ‘Live More Weigh Less‘ and

Dani Spies and Sarah Jenks chat about body love and how to live more fully in their lives as a prerequisite to achieving better health and weight loss. Sarah encourages women of all ages to ‘stop waiting on the weight’ and begin to create the life they desire today (regardless of whether or not we can zip our skinny jeans!).

Some of the topics covered:

  • Sarah’s personal journey with weight and body image and how that has brought her to do the work she does today.

  • Body acceptance and why you must choose to love your body even if you don’t like the way she looks.

  • Collective belief systems of women and worth, where it comes from and why it doesn’t work anymore.

  • Focusing on the amazingness of our bodies and their abilities to experience the world and pleasure (we are more than our skin!).

  • Common themes that blocks women from moving towards their goals.

  • The biggest need for women (that we often forget).

  • Sarah’s technique to avoid overeating and binging.

Sarah also shares the first step from her FREE 6-Step Workshop for Getting Out of Body Jail .

Journey to the Soul - From Fashion to Feng Shui

Hosted by Jennifer Marchetti Owner, PowHERHouse.TV, PowHER Network and Ridgewood Moms Media Group + Special Guest Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt. Owner, Mambo Feng Shui and Author, Breakthrough Results

For over 20 years, Lois had a successful career in fashion, traveling around the world.  Then, her life was filled with an unexpected loss that started her on the journey to her soul.


She never imagined this is where she would be...

Crossing Bridges: The Power of Visualization

Featuring Randi Levin CPC and Susan Horn Greif

What we can envision we can manifest! Visualization is the key to identifying what’s next. If we can see it, we can achieve it. Join Randi Levin, CPC and Susan Horn Greif in a discussion that will highlight the power of visualization in our lives and will include actionable exercises that we can do to define and utilize what we picture for ourselves.

Clear It Out! The Art of Letting Go of Stress!

Featuring Randi Levin, Life Strategist & Reinvention Expert and Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt.

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? This is your chance to let it all go! We will be discussing the concept of stress and being stuck with an in-depth look at why we feel this way and what we can do about it. Learn all about choices and how your responses and reactions play a key role in your energy levels and in your ability to let things go. This broadcast contains a special gift of a mini mediation session using simple guided imagery designed to unblock and set free your stress.

Want to be More Grateful?

Featuring Randi Levin, Life Strategist & Reinvention Expert and Russ Terry, Gratitude Expert, Coach & Author

This panel discussion talks about the difference between being grateful and being thankful. Why choose gratitude and what are the benefits? Learn tools and tips for expressing gratitude and abundance and how to develop a practice of gratitude everyday.

It's Only Money!$!

Featuring Randi Levin, Transitional Life Strategist and Ivy Slater, Business Coach, Speaker and Author

This show takes a deep dive into the concept of wealth and value and measures success on many different levels… Where does money stop you or motivate you? How does your relationship to money impact your relationship to life? Find out what conquering your fears has on filling your wallet.


Staying Focused in a World of Distraction

Featuring Randi Levin, CPC and Business & Life Strategist Sara Oblak Speicher MBA

Explore the difference between multi-tasking and multi-focusing and strategies for staying on track. Learn about the challenges for working moms and moms working from home and tips to creating better habits.  Take an in-depth look at the care and nurturing of you and ways to tweak your management of time, commitment to yourself and clarity in your business.

Balance from the Inside Out

Featuring Randi Levin CPC & Emi Kirschner CHHC

Explore what balance means and just what we can learn about the art of balance from surfers!  Learn strategies and choices leading to more clarity…what do perfection and time management have in common? And what are strategies to gain more clarity in life?  Listen to a deep dive discussion on the relationship between our internal mindset and our external actions. Are we really what we eat? What does stress have to do with it?

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