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Invisible or Transparent- The Choice is Clear

Invisible or Transparent- The Choice is Clear by Randi Levin, PowHER Network

Centering Thought

The more truthful we are with ourselves, the more transparent,

truly seen, and vibrant we become.


One of my continuing goals in my own life is to be as transparent as possible. While some may feel that this is too revealing, I am comfortable with transparency because it is a genuine way to stay true to myself. I cannot control the actions of others or right the world, but I can control what I understand about myself and rejoice in the power it restores in me. It is this power of transparency that helped me to define my own reinvention of becoming a coach. I believe that in order to be truly seen and heard in life, especially as women, we need to feel comfortable authentically expressing ourselves. When we are genuine, what reflects back at us from the outside world is also genuine. Prioritizing ourselves creates a deeper connection to our own values and to finding and responding to our inner child or Forgotten Woman. This window into and out of our souls is then open and exposed creating a space in which we can resonate with both high energy and purpose to others.

So, if being transparent enables us to be seen, then being invisible hides us. Being invisible also hides our thoughts, feelings, and ability to grow. Disconnecting from continually doing the work to understand ourselves disconnects us also from being understood. This invisible shield keeps us on one side and the world and opportunity on the other. Vulnerability is the kick-starter to passion and understanding, to wisdom and truth. Invisibility is a by-product of our not allowing vulnerability to play an actionable role in creating a meaningful life.

While I am not suggesting that we all walk around wearing our hearts on our sleeves and saying anything that comes out of our mouths without a filter, I am suggesting that in order to understand ourselves we have to be willing, at least in part, to allow ourselves to be seen. When we hide behind excuses and stories that we tell ourselves we shut down the opportunities that present themselves due to fear or laziness or both. Knowing what we value, allowing those thoughts and values to evolve over time is the thread that connects each of us to our core and to the synergy that is necessary to refresh and renew.

Everyday we have a new 24-hour time slot to decide if we are invisible and hiding or transparent and alive. Invisible takes less work. Transparent makes authentic connections based on actions taken. Invisible allows you to procrastinate, to let perceptions color realities, which result in fears. Transparent pushes ahead, no excuses. Invisible is living in a world of can’t, maybe, should have, and tomorrow. Transparent is living in a world of yes, and can, and I am, and today. Transparent exposes. Invisible conceals. Clearly…you have a choice.

Taking it Forward:

  • Play: In order to be truly transparent, we need to learn how to look back and to connect to our passions both past and present. The power of play makes us curious and ignites our creativity and spirit. Each week, find a new way to “play.” Maybe it is as simplistic as taking the time and space to color, or maybe you will reunite with a hobby from your past, or learn how to do something you have always wanted to do. Play is a significant catalyst to understanding ourselves and to be able to explore and think with both our minds and our hearts.

  • Shift Your Voice: We all have one, but we don’t all use it. To make our lives impactful, we need to be able to stand for something. By that I mean that we need to believe in ourselves and in understanding what is most true about each of us and be able to stand behind that reality. Creating affirmations utilizing “I am” statements allows us to shift the focus away from the ambiguity of invisible into the authenticity of being transparent. Asking for what we want as if we already possess it is a meaningful way of infusing our energy.

  • Write Your Eulogy: I am not trying to be morose…quite the opposite! I often ask clients to think about the end of their lives because it allows them to measure where they want to go. In other words, when we are busy doing the work of everyday living we often miss the big picture. What do we want the story of our lives to be? What would we most regret never doing? If an older version of us could share with a younger version of us a few life tips…what would they be? Where can we best make our own personal connections today so that our tomorrows reflect the story we most want to share?

Randi Levin, Randi Levin Coaching

Randi Levin CPC, ELI-MP, Founder and CEO of Randi Levin Coaching

Randi is a subject matter expert in the art of reinvention and a certified transitional coach, writer and inspirational speaker.

#transparency #authenticself #lifecoach

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