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The Baked Potato

The Baked Potato by Jen Marchetti

Centering Thought

Change your thoughts, transform your life.


The power of your thoughts can create and shape your reality. Depending on what you believe determines how you view your life and life’s possibilities.

Sometimes we are unaware of our beliefs because they have become a part of who we are, learned from a conditioned thought pattern. Our thoughts are in constant motion, moving us through our daily routines, guiding us in relationships and determining how our life is going.

When you become aware of your thoughts, and their power to shape your reality, it can be life changing. When I was 28 years old I had my first breakthrough. And it all happened with a potato.

My entire life (up until 28) I had been eating baked potatoes the same way. My family always cut it in half width-wise, cored out the middle, discarded the actual potato (some family members would eat it) and then loaded the empty skins with tons of butter and salt. Then we would eat them like potato skin cups, messy but delicious.

This was my life every week. I never thought twice. That's what we did.

Then my husband Jeff entered the scene (then my boyfriend) and was invited to a family dinner. The meal was prepared and the baked potatoes were served. One by one each person in my family cut the potato in half width-wise, gutted its insides and ate the skins. Totally normal.

Until Jeff started asking us what we were doing to our potatoes. He has a very funny sense of humor and was literally laughing at everyone and "our way" of eating potatoes. When we looked at his potato it was beautifully sliced length-wise and opened at the top so he could “dress” his potato...with butter AND sour cream.

What? Have I never realized there was another way?

It was at that moment I realized that I had been limited by recreating an unconscious thought pattern. I was behaving in a way that was part of a learned behavior, not a reality.

So if I had been eating my baked potato this way without question, what else was I blind to? What other things in my life are present because they were learned and not because they were wanted?

The baked potato was my funny wake-up call that easily guided my thoughts to seek more truth in what I do. And from there, I have been on a greater journey towards truth and a more expansive view of life.

Once you become self-aware and see how a limited belief is defining you, you can consciously change the program. You are in charge of what you want to believe and how to reshape and redefine your life.

That’s the very beginning of your authentic awakening. When you start to question the small potatoes you begin to free yourself from the bigger illusions - so you can create the life you want.

Journal Your Thoughts

  • What are some of your beliefs that limit your daily life experiences? Or hold you back from pursuing your dreams?

  • Write each one down

  • Next, look at each thought and find the motivating factor that is creating the illusion

  • Could it be fear? Past failure? Old recording in your mind? Family upbringing or culture?

  • Write down a new positive belief about each limited thought and focus on the outcome you wish to achieve

Jennifer Marchetti is an entrepreneur

Jennifer Marchetti

Jennifer Marchetti is an entrepreneur, “start-up junkie”, motivational speaker and owner of PowHER Network and Ridgewood Moms. She is an online business expert, ideal marketer and a master at creating action plans for personal and community growth for women.

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