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Kristine Deer | Owner + Designer of K-DEER

Kristine Deer | Owner + Designer of K-DEER, PowHER Network

One of my greatest pleasures is to meet women entrepreneurs and learn about their personal journey that manifested an idea into a business. Kristine Deer’s story starts with a change in career that challenged her sense of self and steered her onto a road of self discovery. And on that path she found the gift of presence through yoga which changed the direction of her life. Kristine’s passion transformed into a desire to share her love for yoga and fashion around the world – and K-DEER was born.

Kristine Deer | Owner + Designer of K-DEER, Signature Stripes, PowHER Network

One of my favorite leggings line is her Signature Stripes. Each one of her Signature Stripes is named after an inspiring woman and supports a cause that is close to her heart. Kristine’s intention is to create a platform and community that inspires others to give back. For each sale of their Stripes, a minimum of 5% of proceeds goes directly to causes raising awareness and creating positive change for individuals and communities in need.

K-DEER has raised $70, 000 to date. Yes, I love that.

The brand reflects exactly who Kristine is – on the inside and out. She is a woman that walks the talk and celebrates her style with purpose and mindful values…and I am honored to share her story with you.

Kristine Deer | Owner + Designer of K-DEER, PowHER Network

I love your backstory on how K-Deer was created. Can you tell us about your corporate work background and how you envisioned your fashion career at that time – before K-Deer?

I studied fashion at Syracuse and upon graduation hunted down a job in NYC. It was much harder than anticipated and so I freelanced and took any job I could in order to get my foot in the door and learn all different facets of the fashion industry. I was never dead set on owning my own company but after watching the corporate world swallow up designers and creative people, it clicked as an option when I lost my job and started to see with a different perspective.